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Are you a Belgian or Dutch entrepreneur who wants to invest in the Czech Republic? Or do you manage a Czech company which is active in Belgium or the Netherlands? Are you looking for specialized lawyers who are able to think the way you do and who care about your future?

Then at HEYNINCK & PARTNERS you are in good hands. This independent law firm is based in Prague, the heart of this fast growing economy. This law firm gives legal counsel to Belgian, Dutch and Czech companies which want to carry out business in one of these countries.

The team of experienced lawyers has detailed knowledge of Czech, Belgian and Dutch law in all the fields of law which are important for your business: corporate law, commercial law, labour law, litigation, administrative law, insolvency, enforcement of claims,...

In addition the staff members also take your final economic goal into full consideration. They will take over your legal issues so you will have your hands free to focus on your business.